Many, many events have been cancelled in the last few weeks. An unavoidable tragedy, but decisions have sensibly been made that could save lives.

Moving forward, a lot of those events, especially personal celebrations such as weddings and corporate events such as award ceremonies, will be rearranged.

Here events expert, Kirsty Calvert of SK Click Events, gives tips on how to best resurrect your event for a future date.

1 – Firstly never use the word cancel when informing guests…. Postpone is a much better vibe to give people who buy tickets to attend, those who block out time in their diary, or suppliers who you will be letting know their services aren’t needed on the original date booked.

2 – Even if you can’t set a date for the future yet, you can secure an anticipated date and pay a deposit – this will keep the economy moving and give you peace of mind. Choose a likely date in the future and make sure your supplier is happy to move that date if needs be. At the moment we are offering a date change policy as long as a deposit is paid for any future bookings, as we understand flexibility is going to be needed.

3 – Keep in touch with suppliers and attendees between the original date postponed and the new anticipated date. Businesses will survive this if everyone builds relationships. Small gestures and good communication will be the difference between some businesses surviving and not.

4 – If you have bookings with agreed costs, ask your supplier to honour those costs on the new date. Many prices will go up when things go back to normal, as companies will need to recoup what they have lost. If you pay a deposit now, many companies, such as ourselves, will honour our current offers and price structure. We have no intention of putting our prices up, but many will. We do therefore expect our books to be busy so you still reserve your new date.

5 – Don’t hold back on rearranging. Start it today. Once the UK returns to its normal day to day business, venues will be flooded, suppliers should be inundated. People who have been starved from social contact will be organising events to celebrate anything they can. Weddings will increase. Awards ceremonies will be caught up on. Corporates will need to be back out there making an impact with events and launches. Don’t battle with the masses. Have yours organised and sorted, with deposits paid, even if it is for 2021! And start to market it now, people will be desperate to have social commitments in their diary to look forward to in the future!

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