Innovative Ideas for Innovative Products

Innovative Ideas for Innovative Products

At SK Click Events we are proud to boast some of the most innovative event photo experiences in North East England.

From a choice of ten different mirrors and four handheld selfie products, alongside our unique mosaic product, we cater our photo experiences for every type of event including weddings, corporate events, awards, celebrations, concerts and much more.

However, as we now have a bit of time on our hands, we have decided to spend some of it looking for ideas that are a bit out of the box. In a nutshell, we are looking for innovative uses for our innovative products.

Photo MarketingOne idea, for when things return to normal, is to use our hand held selfie products, particularly the SK Orb, for company team building days. The SK Orb is  just perfect for this, and when we reveal the new app we are working on, it will be very popular!

Another idea is put some our mirror booths into bars and restaurant as permanent installations, as there will be a lot of celebrating in the coming months when we can get back out. People will be keen to share that they are out and about, so we will be providing branded photo overlays which will assist with marketing for the premises.

But what we really want is to hear from you, our customers. Do you have ideas on things we can support you with our products and technology? Are you stuck for an angle to make a future or reorganised event stand out – we will happily brainstorm with you and come up with innovative, memorable things!? Is there something you’d love to make happen that we can support you with?

If so, please do get in touch – we have some amazing mirror booth products with the highest quality technology installed, and we can not wait to put them to full use again!

Further Investment Means New Exciting Products

Further Investment Means New Exciting Products

Prior to the current outbreak emergency hitting the UK, SK Click Events had just invested in some really exciting new Best Selfie Photo Booth Software marketing products.

Firstly the new SK Glam Cam Pro. A chic, brightly lit round  mirror, that boasts a panel ideal for advertising via video or photos. The technology means that digital photo overlays and personalised touch start screens lends it perfectly to photo marketing campaigns, corporate events, product launches and retail.

A first for the UK, we brought in a fun, hand-held selfie taking ball!  Named the SK Orb, this high end, quality selfie station, is unique in the Middlesbrough area and is ideal for any event. From weddings and special occasions, to corporate awards ceremonies and team building days, the Orb guarantees:Photo marketing Events

  • The Ultimate Photo Entertainment
  • Brand Awareness
  • User Engagement
  • GDPR Data Collection
  • Social Sharing
  • User Generated Content

The new SK Table Selfie Pro is fun, bright and technologically advanced too, guaranteeing the best quality professional Photo Booth Software experience in your hand… ideal for passing around a table at an evening event, the sharp funky product is a real talking point.

In addition to new photo marketing technologies and innovative software, we have invested heavily into a new range of quality back drops, Mr and Mrs Letters, table covers and whole range of new premium props – all we need now is to be allowed to hold events safely and we can roll out the new and existing range for everyone to enjoy!!

We are currently seeing a huge influx in bookings from Sept 2020 to December 2020, should you wish to look at creative iteas for your next event, please contact our creative team. 

Expanding the team

Expanding the team

So COVID-19 has put a right dampener on all of our events, hasn’t it? But guess what? That means that when we can get back to normal, there are going to be even more events, weddings, parties and things to celebrate.

And that can only mean one thing. We are going to be really busy in the future!!

Now, we had just invested in more photo booths and are in a lucky position that we have 14 products, and therefore will always be able to help with an event, even on a very busy date.

But to do this, we need an awesome team to support the delivery of the photo experiences at our customer’s events.

So, we are hiring!  And don’t worry, all interviews will be done on zoom!

We are looking for people with certain attributes who can not only work the photo booth for us following full training, but who also have their own transport, can talk to people of all ages and demographic and have a good grasp of English.

A smart turn out is also required… after all, you can’t work a wedding photo booth in jeans or a tracksuit can you?

The event work will mainly be evenings and weekends, will be part time hours and will be across the North East, from Middlesbrough to Newcastle, from Sunderland to Northumberland.

Does this sound like something you’d be good at? If so please apply, sending us your CV to

Tips On How To Rearrange A Future Activity or Event

Tips On How To Rearrange A Future Activity or Event

Many, many events have been cancelled in the last few weeks. An unavoidable tragedy, but decisions have sensibly been made that could save lives.

Moving forward, a lot of those events, especially personal celebrations such as weddings and corporate events such as award ceremonies, will be rearranged.

Here events expert, Kirsty Calvert of SK Click Events, gives tips on how to best resurrect your event for a future date.

1 – Firstly never use the word cancel when informing guests…. Postpone is a much better vibe to give people who buy tickets to attend, those who block out time in their diary, or suppliers who you will be letting know their services aren’t needed on the original date booked.

2 – Even if you can’t set a date for the future yet, you can secure an anticipated date and pay a deposit – this will keep the economy moving and give you peace of mind. Choose a likely date in the future and make sure your supplier is happy to move that date if needs be. At the moment we are offering a date change policy as long as a deposit is paid for any future bookings, as we understand flexibility is going to be needed.

3 – Keep in touch with suppliers and attendees between the original date postponed and the new anticipated date. Businesses will survive this if everyone builds relationships. Small gestures and good communication will be the difference between some businesses surviving and not.

4 – If you have bookings with agreed costs, ask your supplier to honour those costs on the new date. Many prices will go up when things go back to normal, as companies will need to recoup what they have lost. If you pay a deposit now, many companies, such as ourselves, will honour our current offers and price structure. We have no intention of putting our prices up, but many will. We do therefore expect our books to be busy so you still reserve your new date.

5 – Don’t hold back on rearranging. Start it today. Once the UK returns to its normal day to day business, venues will be flooded, suppliers should be inundated. People who have been starved from social contact will be organising events to celebrate anything they can. Weddings will increase. Awards ceremonies will be caught up on. Corporates will need to be back out there making an impact with events and launches. Don’t battle with the masses. Have yours organised and sorted, with deposits paid, even if it is for 2021! And start to market it now, people will be desperate to have social commitments in their diary to look forward to in the future!

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SK Clicks With NE Expo Audience

SK Clicks With NE Expo Audience

Leading photo experience company, SK Click Events, has experienced a boom in business following a successful exhibition.

Owner Kirsty Calvert attended the North East Expo held at Kingston Park Rugby Club, and she has been blown away by the response to two of their nine newest products.

Taking photo experiences to the next level, SK Click has nine free standing, eye catching and easily branded products, that create fun at every event, whilst also boosting social media and also catching data in a GDPR compliant way.

During the North East Expo, Kirsty demonstrated the beauty of their SK Glam Clam, coordinating it with the SK Mosaic, building it into a photo of the Tyne Bridge taken by Simon Williams of Crest Photography. Kirsty explains:

“The SK Glam Cam is ideal for corporate events and we knew people would be interested in seeing the Mosaic build through the day with lots of images we either took with the Glam Cam or pulled through from #NEExpo.

“But were absolutely blown away – at times we were three deep on the stand, luckily we were staffed with three of team on hand to demonstrate how the products work and make sure as many people as possible had their photo taken.”

As well as the high level of interest on the day, the last week has been the busiest SK Click have had since launching onto the scene with its new products earlier this year.  Within days the company had a tranche of proposals for corporate events this year to provide and a number of photographers keen to link up for use of the mosaic at events they are photographing.

Marc Gordon of Fresh Events, who organise the NE Expo and the Tees Business Show, said:

“When I first met Kirsty and she was explaining the SK products to me, I was a little hesitant thinking it was just photo booths. I am so glad I listened and she brought the products to the NE Expo as it brought them to life for not just me, but many attendees and other exhibitors – the technology is outstanding and I recommend anyone holding a corporate event to build the cost of SK Click into their budget.

“This was an ideal case study of how the Expos we organise support business and boost companies profiles. We are looking forward to Kirsty and the team demonstrating her products at the next Teesside Business Show on October 3rd at our new venue, Wynyard Hall.”

More information on the SK Glam Cam, SK Mosaic and the other products is available on