Aruba flies high with first ever photo experience company

Aruba flies high with first ever photo experience company

Aruba’s events and entertainment industry clicked into a higher gear this week with the entry of leading photographic experience company SK Click.

Launched with a show-stopping event in Indian Rock Garden, the firm showcased the dynamic range of products and technology that they will now be offering to corporate clients, venues and event coordinators.

With offices in the UK and now Aruba, the firm has invested $50,000 in technology and created 3 new jobs with plans for further investment over the next 12 months as they create unrivalled and unforgettable photographic experiences.

SK Click will help businesses and brands leverage user-generated content and immersive events across the island with products such as the SK Retro, SK Glam Cam, SK Mosaic and the SK Roamer delivering exclusive photo experiences.

SK Click Aruba

Local photographer Armando Goedgedrag, Greg Peterson, Aruba Bird Life Conservation and Saskia Garrido, Director SK Click Aruba.

“Speaking at the launch Saskia Garrido, Director said, “Following the success of SK Click in the UK, we wanted to bring something special to Aruba. We have chosen 4 exclusive products, which can be brought together or used individually for weddings, special occasions, events, marketing campaigns or even permanent installs. Working with business, individuals and venues we can create fun, interactive experiences that deliver something special for customers and enhance their marketing efforts.

Raising the bar and giving tourists and locals unforgettable experiences and events has never been more important. We are passionate about enhancing Aruba’s economy by offering never-before-seen, cutting-edge products and innovative event technology which can do just that.

We look forward to working with local companies in the coming months and growing their business alongside ours.”

SK Click Aruba LaunchSK Click are also keen to be involved and immersed in the local community with an ambition to give back through creative partnerships.

The first of these partnerships was unveiled at the launch, and showcased the show-stopping powers of the SK Mosaic to raise awareness of Aruba Bird Life Conservation and honor the plight of the Aruba Brown Throat Parakeet, The Prikichi.

SK Click Aruba

Nicole Leslie, Joan Mahendrepersad, Herbert Goedgedrag, Addonsito Croes, Raquel Lampe, Saskia Garrido.

Working with teacher Addonsito Croes, the children from Filomena College Mavo, Greg Peterson, Aruba Bird Life Conservation and local photographer Armando Goedgedrag the SK Click team utilized this unique event technology to create 2 beautiful mosaics; one featuring an image from Greg Peterson and one from Armando. Each piece of art was donated to the college and Aruba Bird Life conservation this week.

Get set to tap into the next generation of interactive technology and make your event unforgettable visit or email


How To Make Your Corporate Event Memorable

How To Make Your Corporate Event Memorable

We all know that feeling… another event to plan… or even worse, another corporate bash to attend. So many events have become too samey, and because of that they are seen as a chore to attend; just another part of the job.

But can you imagine how great it would be to look forward to an event, because you know there will be something fun, new, innovative to enjoy. Something that will have everyone buzzing? If you plan events, this is the dream scenario – to have people desperate to attend so they can enjoy the experience you have organised!

Here, Kirsty Calvert, owner of SK Click Events, gives some hints and tips into the innovative products they supply, that will make your event THE most talked about and memorable event of 2019!

“SK Click has recently invested a further £80,000 into innovative products and we are now set to grow at a fast rate of knots, positioning us as significant players in the UK’s multi-billion pound events industry.

“We specialise in unique Corporate Event Photo Booth experiences in the corporate event world, and we work with clients across the UK to make sure that their event goes down in history.

“In our experience, the key to that memorable moment at any event, is working with a company who understands your audience and can recommend the best way to do something unique.

“At SK Click we have a range of mirror booths and have just introduced the SK360, the SK Mosaic and the SK Slider, meaning we are one of the only UK event companies to offer something completely different.

“The SK 360 captures videos, GIFs and boomerangs from every angle, and takes photography to a different level. As it moves around the room, the interaction and excitement it causes is infectious so even the most camera shy person will join in!

“The SK Slider recreates the bullet time effect as seen in the Matrix movies and is incredibly popular for corporate business events when there is strong key message to convey via branding. It creates fun, but with a serious message of getting business done!

Corporate Event Experiences“The SK Mosaic is also ideal for this. It makes up a mosaic picture of choice, so it could be a business logo for example, made up from tiny tiles of people attending the event. It is hugely memorable and very bespoke, meaning we can tailor to your ideas, or if you let us get creative, who knows what will happen?

“They are all great conversation pieces and also create fabulous mementos to keep, auction or share on social media

“Finally, and this is really important, there is no point wowing them with a unique activity if they cant remember where they saw it…. So our advice is brand, brand, brand.

“All of our products can be branded and totally personalised, can be used with special hashtags and can be printed with your logo and contact details on!

“Maximise that marketing potential, and make sure that the impression sticks forever!”

SK Click can be contacted on social media or on the new website at or by emailing