Everybody knows that a great way to raise funds for a charity is to hold an event. And the events that raise the most money are those that have a talking point and blow the attendees away. However this costs cash… and in today’s environment, we all aware that it is more challenging for charities so they may not be willing to spend the money upfront.

At SK Click we have been working with a number of charities, to help them innovate their events, without worrying about the cash. We do some amazing charitable rates but also have some tips on funding the rest… here are the top five:

Charge for the use of the booth or photo experience

People expect to be parting with cash at a charity event so don’t be shy. Run it as a competition at the event… a donated prize, for the best posted selfie, video made and posted on social media on the night, funniest photo. £10 an entry. You’ll pay for the hire in no time and make extra that goes straight in the charities funds.

Fund raise prior to the event, telling people what you want to do

People love honesty – tell them you are doing an event, have had a great offer on making it spectacular with a photo experience that will raise even more money, but that you need to raise xx for the costs. Crowd fund, just giving page or get out with buckets… its up to you, but people will support you!

Get a sponsor

Many corporates will want to show case at an event and what better way to do than a branded photo experience that gets splashed all over social media. They tick their CSR,  feel good and get great marketing. We can help you put a sales pitch together and will even suggest companies/make introductions to those we know are warm to the idea.

Hire the photo experience for longer and share the cost with another company or the venue

Ask your venue if someone else is having an event in the next 24 hours – if so, offer to share the technology with them for a split of cost (they may feel generous and pay for it all as a donation to your cause in the end!). If not ask if the venue would like to share the costs, brand it up and have it in their foyer or reception the rest of the time your event isn’t on. We don’t mind changing the branding, and it’s a great talking point all round for the venue, Again we can help you with a sales pitch to them, on what benefits they will enjoy by doing this!

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