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SK Slider

Easy to use and incredibly impactful, the SK Slider delivers a bullet time effect, but with just one camera!!

The SK Slider recreates the bullet time effect made famous in the Matrix movies and allows you to create shareable content in a matter of seconds.  Guests will love posing in front the screen as it makes its way across a track and snaps a series of images as they move and pose.


Perfect for intimate events, fashionistas and glamourous lads and lasses will love the beautiful images the Mirror produces.

Boomerang GIFs

The content created is a cross between an array and boomerang GIF that users will love to share on social media.

Social Sharing

Content can be shared directly to social media from the SK Slider creating a constant stream of activity in real time – creating a real social media buzz around your event!

Green Screen

Increase your users experience and transport them to a different world with a green screen background. Add a moving customised photo overlay to the final video – think snow globes with real snow, surfing with waves and sports with moving action!


Ideal for intimate events, the SK Slider is a unique addition to any event and will leave your guests wanting more time after time.

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